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Celestial Semen 

fragrance made from a secret blend of rare essential oils, 2012 ​

What comes before life? What is the vehicle of nature and what does it smell like?

​​Celestial Semen is a blend of rare and precious medicinal plants designed to promote life force energy.

This potion is not only for transforming one’s energetic field and personal space it is a deep, rich and earthy perfume for man or woman. Nearly two years of research and travel went into sourcing the exact materials to blend in perfect proportion. It is wild+ ancient from a distant planet of the future.

bottled in egyptian-violet glass, the face of each is painted with 18kt gold.

One side a cosmic energy explosion the other a signature drawn to represent infinity + axis-mundi.

action documentation of guest performance for INNER-COURSE  by Benjamin Heller 


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