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New York Tea Ceremony
New Museum Ideas City, Old School, living installation + performance, 2011

reclaimed silk, glass jars of herbs, crystal wand, and customized tea ceremony with original score by Rachael Bell and Derrick Barnicoat


The twelve hour continuous tea ceremony inside a silk room furnished with plush cushions was designed especially for New York City. 

Each guest became a part of the performance by providing a wish or dream for the city which inspired an intuive blending of herbs.

Each cup of tea was stirred with intention then handed to the participant to drink their dream to be. Original score by Bell and Barnicoat

was performed live during the entirety of the performance. The sound incorporated sampled recording from the city as well as the dreams

of each participant which were delayed and looped via radio waves to multiple boom boxes creating a multilayered aural experience. 


documentation of NYTC by Jessica Lutz

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