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Honeyspace, New York, NY,  living installation + performance, 2010

SUPERCONDUCTOR is composed of a set of “objects of performance”, an original soundtrack, and a daily, 3-hour performance by Daphane Park. Each of these elements is conceived as an instrument or practice with the potential for therapeutic renewal, and the installation as a whole is undertaken as a benediction for the destructive force inherent in the creative process, and life in general. Everyday for 6 weeks Park continuously wove together an enormous amount of broken instruments. The culmination of this performance was a collaborative performance and shamanic ritual. Lace White Magpie, who is a direct descendant of the lineage of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull performed a traditional Lakota hoop dance that was choreographed into the live action with Park. The two artists finished the performance by entering the large volcanic structure made of silk and smoked an ancestral peace pipe handed down from generations. Though this act was private to the audience, it was possibly the most impor- tant part of the ritual.

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